We are excited to offer a new opportunity for those who desire to follow Jesus better, and help others to do the same. Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 21, we are launching our Springboard discipleship training. This is a great opportunity to deepen our biblical understanding and nurture our relationship with Christ. It will include both a time of teaching and discussion, centering on the important elements of our faith and also how to share our faith. This program will consist of six different units, each lasting 5-6 weeks.
We will begin with:
“Jesus – the ‘Man’ You Should Know.” This will be taught by Pastor Bob.
Other topics are:
“God’s Amazing Story” (Elder CJ Lim),
“Prayer and Devotion” (Pastor Richard),
“Christian Service Together” (Elder Chin Chin Liew),
“Sharing the Christian Faith” (Elder SC Yong),
and “The Community of Christ” (Pastor Bob).

Each evening a meal will be offered between 6:30 and 7:30. (There is no charge, but donations are welcome!) From 7:30 – 9:00we will have the teaching and discussion. A registration table will be set up in Fellowship Hall, or you can register by calling or emailing the church office.
We invite you to prayerfully consider taking part in this great opportunity go grow as followers of Jesus.