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Friday Morning Women’s Bible Study. We will start another series of bible study commencing the 12th of May 2017. Time: 10.00 to 11.30 am, Place: SAPC Fellowship Hall 2. Please come to join us for a time of discovering God’s word and learning deepen our relationship with God.
The Galatians had enjoyed the incredible freedom that Jesus gives us. However, ‘religious’ people had joined the Galatian fellowship, claiming to have deeper knowledge from the ancient Scriptures, claiming to have a bigger picture than the simple good news that they had heard. These new teachings were robbing the Galatians of their freedom and their confidence. They were falling into a kind of religious slavery, making them think more and more about their own religious efforts and leaving little room for Jesus. Paul was desperate to rescue the Galatians from this dreadful cult. Galatians shows us that the answer is to be found in Jesus, the Messiah promised and hoped for since the beginning of the world. There is freedom in Him. All fleshly categories that constrain people are blown apart by His life, death and resurrection. When we come to Jesus we find the answer to all things. He is the hope and desire of the ages and the nations.