Calling All at KL St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church!

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With great delight, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is organising the first of the `Day Trip’ to one `learning centre’ for refugee children on Wednesday, 5th July 2017. The date is scheduled to enable us to meet with the refugee children,
~60 kids, who will only be present when there is `school’.

With the vision to share Jesus’ love and give support to these marginalised and needy children right in our backyard, we invite you and your family to be part of this Mission outreach and ministry, bringing joy and hope to these children that our Lord Jesus Christ loves them through you. A time of `Singing and Praise’ and `Getting to know you’ with the children will be included in the visit.

We shall meet at St Andrew’s at 9.30 a.m., and together car-pool to the centre, which is in the vicinity of Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur. The visit will be for about 2-2½ hours. Please pre-register at the designated counter provided at the back of the Sanctuary.

The following are the `Hope-for Items’ that will be greatly appreciated by the children and the centre, which provides the children with a hot meal each day. The Church will start collecting these from this week till 2 July, 2017. (Please hand them to Jaya/Robert in Church).
They will be love-gifted at the day of the visit:


a) Toys, Lego, Blocks (all can be pre-loved)
b) Crayons, Colour Pencils, Colouring Books, Backpacks.
c) Toiletries – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Face Flannels,
Soap, Shampoo
d) Food Supplements – Vitamins
e) Pre-loved children’s clothing


a) Provisions – Rice, Milo, Milk Powder, Dried Noodles, Bee Hoon and the like
b) Stationeries – Exercise Books, Sharpeners, Erasers, Markers,
A4 papers and the like

For enquiry, please contact:
SC Yong (WhatsApp: 016-3228829/e-mail: ),
or Kay Yip (011-12322888),
or Irene (e-mail: )
or Siew Lin (e-mail: )
or Lee Hoon (e-mail: ),
or any other members of the M&CO Committee.

Mission and Community Outreach (M&CO) Committee