St. Andrew’s and the turbulent 20th Century

The story of St. Andrew’s includes periods of war and peace; times of great prosperity and deep economic depression; tales of singular men and women from many lands who came – and still come – to serve the Lord and Malaysia; and the lives and work of some extraordinary men of God.

As had happened before in Malaya it was secular events that decisively affected the work of the Church.

The grouping of Perak, Selangor, Pahang and Negri Sembilan into The Federated Malay States, with the capital in Kuala Lumpur, shifted political and commercial emphasis from Singapore and Penang to a city in the very centre of the Malay Peninsula. The development of the railway and the rubber industry, both headquartered in K.L., brought an expatriate population boom to the city and transformed the Malayan economy. Together, these events led directly to the founding of St. Andrew’s Church.

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