All Home Fellowships Gathering

Date: Saturday, 8th Oct 2016
Time: 11am – 4pm
Place: BBQ Area – Brund Field Embassy Condo, No.273 Jalan Ampang

Please register (pax & car registration number) by 3rd Oct with your HF leaders or contact 012-3345348 or 017-3240533.
We will be spending 4-5 hours for fellowship over BBQ and Games. For children who would like to swim, there’s a swimming pool for them. BBQ will be provided. Please bring food/ snacks/ desserts/ drinks to share with others.


We are taking a ‘break’ due to the Hari Raya long holidays. Resumes on Thursday, 14th July 2016.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ promises a changed heart. But so many of us are stuck. We make sinful choices again and again. We’re trapped by repetitive selfish behaviours.
Scripture would tell us that change is a process, not an event. When the Bible talks about the gift of a new heart, it promises a heart that is capable of being changed.
How People Change targets the root of a person – the heart. When our core desires and motivations change, only then will behaviour follow. Using a biblical model of Heat, Thorns, Cross, and Fruit, Paul David Tripp and Tim Lane reveal how lasting change is possible.
Faith HF is running “How People Change” Bible study starting Saturday, 18 June at 10am. The invitation is open to all who are interested. If you like to have more information, please contact Vivian at 012-3345348


We welcome you to join us in our Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

Ampang Home Fellowship – Monday, 8.30 pm at the Lims’
Contact: Irene Lim @ 012-201 8886

TTDI Home Fellowship – 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 8.30 pm
Contact: 012-334 5348 or 012-283 9499.

City Center Home Fellowship – Thursday, 7.30 pm in Room 5
Contact: Chin Chin @ 016-233 2463

Bangsar Home Fellowship – 2nd & 4th Thursday, 8.30 pm
Contact: Francoise @ 012-231 5240

Indonesian Home Fellowship – Friday, 7.30 pm in Room 5
Contact: Happy Tangdikarang @ 012-325 0444

Emmanual Ampang Home Fellowship – 1st & 3rd Friday, 7.30 pm
Contact: Keela Lupton @ 014-239 8412

Taman Sea Home Fellowship – 2nd & 4th Friday, 8.30 pm
Contact: Teng Hye @ 012-648 6330; Siew Lin @ 016-331 7447

FaithHome Fellowship – 1st & 3rd Saturday, 10.00 am in Room 5
Contact: Richard @ 016-291 6066


Bangsar Home Fellowship will meet for the first time on Thursday, 26th May at 8:30pm. Please inform either Vivian or Francoise for Condo Security clearance.
Bangsar HF meets twice per month on 2nd and 4th Thursday. If you are staying in the area, please come join us. For more information, please contact either Vivian on 012-334 5348 or email , or alternatively you may contact our host Franciose on 012-231 5240 or email

New Home Fellowship in Bangsar

If you are staying in the Bangsar or Damansara Heights area and would like find a home fellowship near you, we would like to welcome you to our new HF in Bangsar.
More information will be announced in the next few weeks. In the mean time if you want to leave us with your name and contact number, we will keep you informed.
Please do contact 012-3345348 or email

Name Change from Ezekiel Home Fellowship to Faith Home Fellowship

As an exercise to regroup, we are embarking on a process to re-establish our connections with all current Ezekiel HF contacts. We are communicating to 30+ contacts in Ezekiel chat group and we extend our warm welcome and encouragement to everyone. We love to see all becoming active part of Faith HF and growing with us.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Vivian at 012-3345348 or Richard Tan at 016-2916066

Recognition Of Home Fellowship Leaders

1) Elder Dr. CJ and Irene Lim – Ampang Home Fellowship
2) Mei-Lynn Chan – TTDI Home Fellowship
3) Pastor Bob and Elder Chin Chin – City Centre Home Fellowship
4) Koids – Taman SEA Home Fellowship
5) Bryan and Keela Lupton – Emmanual Ampang Home Fellowship
6) Elder Christian Girsang, Jerry Tobing and Happy Tangdikarrang – Indonesian Home Fellowship
7) Deacon Vivian Chong and Richard Tan – Ezekiel Home Fellowship

Ampang Home Fellowship–on break

Ampang Home Fellowship – Every Monday @ 8.30 pm
On Break till 11th January 2016
We welcome you to join us in our Bible study, prayer and fellowship.
For more information please contact: Irene Lim @ 012-201 8886.

City Center Home Fellowship–in recess

City Center Home Fellowship – Every Thursday @ 7.30 pm
We are in recess and will resume in January 2016.
If you are staying in the city area and looking for a HF, do come and join us for a time of Bible study, prayer and fellowship.
For more information, please contact: Chin Chin @ 016-233 2463

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