Home Fellowship At The Manse

home%20fellowships_web[1]The HF at the Manse meets every wednesday night 8pm. We are starting a new 12-week study on Christian Discipines. Join us for an evening of fellowship and topical discussion.

Contact person: Amy Ratos  012 2103461

Salt & Light Home Fellowship

"We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world" (Matthew 5:13-16) Starting from 7th April 2010, Salt & Light HF will cover 6 parts of the NOOMA series by Rob Bell.
imageNOOMA is a series of short films that explore our world from a perspective of Jesus.
NOOMA is an invitation to search, question, and join the discussion.
Topics: Solitude, Trust, Faith, Forgiveness, Freedom, Discipleship,
Choices, Self-Acceptance, Loving Others, Unconditional Love, etc.
Venue: Riana Green, Tropicana
Time/Day: 8.15pm – 10.00pm, Wednesday
Contact: Meng Keet @ 012 205 9134
Jenn Yong @ 012 233 5632

Ampang Jaya Home Fellowship Group

home%20fellowships_web[1] The book of James challenges us with the most basic and essential realities of life, driving us to face up to the truth about following Jesus the Messiah. James gives us the truth without ornament. He cuts through the kinds of excuses and delusions we cloud ourselves with.  The Ampang Jaya Home Fellowship Group meets every Thursday at 8.30pm. We start a new six part study on James, using the All Souls Book by Book DVD and study guide, this Thursday 14th January. We’d love to have you join us.
Call Jim Smith on 017-215 7155 or S C Yong on 016-322 8829.

Ukay Heights Home Fellowship Group


The Ukay  Height home fellowship group will meet again on 13-Jan-10 and not on 6 Jan-10 as published in the bulletin.

Salt & Light Home Fellowship


"We are Salt of the earth and Light of the world"
(Matthew 5:13-16)

January 2010 Topics:
6th January 2010 – “Salt & Light” (Brady Boyd, New Life Church)
13th January 2010 – “Having Quiet Time with God”
(John Ortberg, MPPC)
20th January 2010 – “The Power of Journalling”
(Wayne Cordeiro, New Hope Fellowship)
If you are interested in joining us, we meet:
Venue: Riana Green Condo, Tropicana
Time/Day: 8.15pm – 10.30pm, Wednesday
Contact: Jenn @ 0122335632 or Meng Keet @ 0122059134

Ampang Fellowship’s mission visit to Orang Asli at Bandar Baru Kampar.

imageDear All

As you know, our Home Fellowship Group is “championing” Mey Fong in her present mission placement with Malaysian Care, ministering to the Orang Asli at Bandar Baru Kampar. Last Saturday we visited the mission as a group, and we were all very impressed with the progress made to date and enthusiastic about the whole concept. They have 15 acres of land at the site, and they are using it to teach the Orang Asli about sustainable agricultural projects, and goat rearing. They have already set up a classroom, built an office with an accommodation area for the Orang Asli students,image accommodation for the goats, and have stocked a sizeable pond with saleable fish. What they are now really lacking are image goats, and we decided that as a group we would offer contributions towards the purchase of a goat or goats. A nanny goat costs RM 750 and a billy goat costs RM 4,000 (!!). Each billy goat is required to “service” 10 nanny goats (what a life)!  So we are going around with the begging bowl soliciting contributions. Of course, there is no obligation to contribute anything, but if you do we know it will be put to excellent use. We will set a deadline of 31st May for contributions. If you contribute the cost of a whole goat, then you are entitled to name that goat, but of course smaller amounts are also welcome! Cash or cheques should be given or sent to Andrew Waterson, B-2 Menara Kayangan, Jalan 5/1, Taman TAR, Ampang 68000 (cheques can be made payable to “Andrew Waterson” or “Malaysian Care”). image

The centre is holding an Open Day on 18th July, so that is a date for your diaries. They will be roasting whole wild boars for us to eat, and there will be fresh produce for sale (including some fruit and vegetables donated from farmers in Cameron Highlands). This should be a fun day while helping to raise more  funds. Bring along the whole family, because there is lots to do for children (including swimming), fishing, etc. Will keep you informed of the details nearer the time, and also of the total raised towards the purchase of goat(s), and attach some photos of our visit.

Love and Blessings


Taman Desa Home Fellowship Group

A new HFG will be starting in May, meeting each Wednesday night at
8:00 p.m.
We intend to study Developing Intimacy with God: An Eight-Week Prayer
Guide Based on Ignatius’ “Spiritual Exercises” by Alex B. Aronis.
Interested in joining us, please call Cherry Siew (012-2025346).

Ukay Heights Home Fellowship

The Ukay Heights HFG in Ampang is beginning an 11-week series on prayer on April 8th with the use of a 15-minute DVD presentation each evening to facilitate discussion. We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. If interested in joining us, please call JoAnn Hughes at 012-234-1804. Topics in this series include:

“Why is prayer so hard?” …

“Helplessness: the key” …

“Learning to listen to your Father,” etc.

Advance Notice of Home Groups

Home Group Leaders’ Meeting on Tuesday, March 31st in Room 5 at 8.00pm.

All Home Group Leaders—please come or send a representative.

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