Kairos Research Centre aims to facilitate and support Christian research and scholarship on issues relevant to Malaysian Christianity.

To such end, Kairos publishes works by Malaysian Christian researchers and scholars. Among the publications are “Feeding on Ashes”, which is a biblical perspective on Chinese Ancestral Worship by Rev Daniel Chua Meng Wah, and “Freedom and Consideration” by Pastor Wong Fong Yang, which deals with the Christian’s dilemma concerning food offered to idols.

In June 2001, Kairos launched its periodical under the series “Understanding the Modern World through Christian Eyes”. The aim of the publication is to help Christians deal with cultural issues in the light of their faith. In 2002, subjects include “Culture”, “Reinventing the Church”, “Sexuality”, “Christian Imagination” and “Care of Creation”. The publication has a circulation of 2,000 and St. Andrew’s receives five complimentary copies of each issue.

In January 2002, there was a Public Forum on “Is Malaysia An Islamic State? Christian Perspectives”. On 8-9th June, Prof. Stackhouse from Princeton, USA gave a series of lectures on “Redeeming Business, Human Rights and Asian Values and Redeeming the Arts”.

Seminars and Workshops for Year 2002 include a Writers’ Workshop held in March and a seminar on “Christianity and Other Religions: Islam” held over five Saturdays in March and April. On 10-11 June, there was a seminar on “Moral Business” by Prof. Stackhouse. Over four Saturdays in August 2002, there were seminars on “Christian Worldwide and Cultural Analysis”.

The Centre is helmed by Dr .Ng Kam Weng as Research Director. He has a Ph.D. from Cambridge and is a fellow at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies as well as The Centre of Theological Inquiry, Princeton.