St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, International Church of Kuala Lumpur is the home for a culturally rich and vibrant congregation of worshippers from Malaysia and continents around the world!

Recent Updates


...if we live each day with a sense of expectancy, with eyes open and spirits sensitive to God’s voice, we will hear God speak to us .. It may be a life-changing call, as true for Moses, or it may be something more simple.. God ... wants to encourage us in our faith or touch us afresh with His love... read on


The Nominations Committee is pleased to invite nominations for the following officers of the church: – Elders Deacons Nomination forms, as well as the pre-requisites for the above positions can be obtained from: Liew Chin Chin ( ) ( Tel : 016 233 2463 ) Koid Teng Hye ( ) ( Tel : 012 648 read on


..No matter our age, we are always in that process of growth. There are always aspects of our character to work on, to bring into conformity with the character of Christ. There are habits we must die to. There is knowledge to be gained and lessons to be learned. ..if we embrace that process of growth, not only will we have the joy of seeing ourselves become something we weren’t before, but we will also have the satisfaction of seeing how God can use us to make a difference in this world and impact others for His kingdom.. read on


Our new discipleship program – Springboard – continues this Tuesday, March 14. We will continue to explore the purpose and meaning of the death of Jesus on the cross. This is a great opportunity to deepen our biblical understanding and nurture our relationship with Christ. It will include both a time of teaching and discussion, read on

Pastor Search Committee – Questionnaire

The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (SAPC) has recently been formed with the aim of identifying the next Pastor and Teaching Elder for our English-speaking congregation. As you may know, Pastor Robert Weniger’s contract and visa will expire in 2018 and an extension is unlikely. Therefore, in order to aid the read on

From the 2017 Family Church Camp Committee:

Praise God for a blessed time at our recent church camp, we would like to thank God who is above all, Pastor Mike, Pastor Bob, Pastor Richard, Elders and Deacons, and a big thank you to all participants, and also the congregation for being a part of the camp. Your participation and prayers are very read on


God is sovereign, and He providentially works out His will...God is so gracious that He involves us in that – no matter who we are..As we surrender our hearts and minds and wills to God, we will see God do amazing things in and through our lives. read on


..Sometimes God needs to prod us to leave our comfort zones, to be willing to risk taking a step of obedience into the unknown....And God’s purpose for us is that we enjoy the adventure of growing and changing and developing as His disciples as we follow Christ day-by-day. read on

Sunday School & Youth-led Centenary Service on 7th May, 2017

The Sunday School will be presenting a skit entitled “God is Faithful” at the 11 am service on 7th May. As such, we will be having a briefing and audition for the various roles on Sunday,12th March starting at 10.00am in Room 3. Please encourage your children to participate in this meaningful skit as a read on

Finding Hope in Times of Discouragement

...bad things do happen in this world, and sometime we are on the receiving end of those bad things. And we don't always receive an answer as to why such things happen to us or to those we love........God is too kind to do anything cruel. God is too wise to make a mistake. And God is too deep to explain Himself... read on